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JMatPro — an acronym for Java-based Materials Properties — is a powerful software package developed for modeling complex commercial alloys and their property characteristics, including

1. Stable and metastable phase equilibria

2. Solidification simulations
2.1. Classical Scheil-Gulliver solidification model
2.2. Paraequilibrium Scheil-Gulliver solidification model

3. Mechanical properties
3.1. Creep
3.2. Stress-strain curves
3.3. High-temperature strength
3.4. High-temperature hardness
3.5. Jominy hardenability

4. Thermo-physical and physical properties
4.1. Enthalpy
4.2. Specific heat
4.3. Latent heat
4.4. Density
4.5. Thermal expansion
4.6. Volume change
4.7. Thermal conductivity
4.8. Electrical conductivity/resistivity
4.9. Liquid viscosity
4.10. Liquid diffusivity
4.11. Poisson's ratio
4.12. Young's module
4.13. Shear module

5. Phase transformations
5.1. TTT diagram calculations
5.2. CCT diagram calculations
5.3. Martensitic transformations
5.4. Gamma prime and gamma double prime coarsening in nickel-base alloys
5.5. Lattice mismatch between gamma and gamma prime phases in nickel-base alloys

6. Stacking fault energy

7. Chemical properties
7.1. Pitting resistance of stainless steels

JMatPro augments the thermodynamic calculations by incorporating different theoretical materials models and properties databases. The program can be coupled with the following thermodynamic databases:

• Al-DATA (aluminum-based alloys)
• Ni-DATA (nickel-based alloys)
• Ti-DATA (titanium-based alloys)
• TiAl-DATA (titanium-aluminides)
• Fe-DATA (steels, stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy steels, high-speed steels, cast irons)
• Mg-DATA (magnesium-base alloys)
• Zr-DATA (zirconium-base alloys)

Consulting Services

To cover the costs of running this site, we accept consulting assignments to perform customer tailored Thermo-Calc and DICTRA calculations. If we cannot solve your problem, we will help you find at least one organization which has the right human and computational resources to address your specific needs.

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